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It’s tricky to rely on friends to take your content, which is why we’re here to follow you around and be your hype girl. We’re filling the gap between iPhone content and a full creative production. Contact our Booking Team to book a Content Creator for your next photoshoot or event.

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Why Book A Content Creator?

Bulk Photos and Videos

It’s tricky to rely on friends to take your content, which is why we’re here to follow you around and be your hype girl. We understand that you want cute content, but with a purpose. As experienced photographers, we know how to capture quick candid shots without causing a scene in public.

Our goal is to build you a bank of relatable and engaging content that you can use endlessly. We will subtly direct you and help you pose while creating aesthetically pleasing short clips. Walk away from our content day with high-res photos and videos – and heck, we might even throw in a few fun transitions.

How Does It Work?

Contact our booking team with your details, get a quote, and book. We’ll meet you at your preferred location, shoot, and send you all the content instantly.

What's Our Style of Content?

Our style of content can be described as relatable, timeless, less polished, less edited, raw, and real. We love to mix up close shots with medium frames so you have enough content and angles to tell a story when posting.

Content Creator Rates
What's The Difference?

Content Creation vs Professional Photography

We offer two distinct services: Professional Photography and Content Creation. Our Professional Photography, shot on a DSLR, provides high-quality, professionally edited images. In contrast, our Content Creation service offers both photo and video, shot on a handheld digital camera. Content Creation offers our in-house photographer without the additional costs of high-end equipment and editing fees.

Content Creator Hourly Rates

The Investment

We have hourly rates depending on the number of people and the location for your content needs. Please contact our booking team with your details for a quote.

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Who are you working with?

Meet Charlotte

Charlotte is owner of Studio on Hampton is our social media expert and in-house photographer. As well as offering classes and private social media consulting, she runs an in-person short course called Instagram School. With a background in digital marketing and a passion for visual storytelling, Charlotte helps local businesses enhance their online presence through effective social media strategies and engaging content creation. Charlotte is filling the gap between iPhone content and a full creative production. With Instagram Reels being in demand, she now offers an hourly rate of general content creation, which includes both photo and video.

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Content Creation FAQs

How Do I Book?

We need to know your location first, so contact our booking team so we can understand the brief and send quote.

What Locations Can We Meet?

We’re open to meeting up almost anywhere around Melbourne, keep in mind it will be more cost-effective to stick closer to Bayside or CBD. There is a travel fee of approximately $50 depending on the location and if we’re able to park easily.

I’m Hosting An Event, Can You Take Some Content?

Absolutely. Please contact our booking team and they will send the event content creation pricing –

Can You Edit My Reels?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to edit Reels for individuals. However, we do offer a How to Make Instagram Reels Workshop or our Instagram School if you want to get more hands or build confidence in posting Reels.

What Equipment Do You Use?

We will use our PowerShot G7 X Mark III with a stabiliser or tripod. We also have two batteries for the camera so we don’t get stuck. We also have the Rode Wireless GO II wireless microphone if needed.

How Many People Can Be Included In The Content Shoot?

We are happy to cover individual, groups or events. Please contact our bookings team to book our content creation service.

How Do I Bring My Props And Clothes?

This is dependant on the location. Ideally you’re able to bring a big bag that’s easy to open, such as a beach bag, or pack some backpacks, each with an outfits and related props. Keep in mind, we will aim to be close to your car while shooting.

Can We Shoot At Cafes?

Because the camera is non-invasive, it shouldn’t cause any privacy issues. Therefore, most cafes wouldn’t have any issues with us shooting as long as you buy something.

Our Reel Content Examples