Enrol in Instagram School

What’s included in Public Instagram School

  • 7 x in-person classes
  • A goodie bag on arrival
  • Instagram class booklet
  • Instagram group chat with your class
  • The opportunity to network with like-minded individuals
  • Sign up during July and get a FREE Content Strategy Consultation

About Instagram School


Welcome to Instagram School, an intimate and unique learning experience offered exclusively from our Melbourne social media studio.

Led by Studio on Hampton’s owner and photographer, Charlotte, this one-of-a-kind in-person short course covers the ins and outs of the Instagram app along with practical content creation skills.

Choose between learning a group setting or one-on-one, or as we refer to it as a public or private school. Both enrolment options ensuring a supportive environment at our Melbourne content studio with personalised feedback and content ideas. Walk away with the confidence to become consistent on Instagram and remove the overwhelm when posing.

Who Are Our Students?

Instagram School is for those wanting to learn for personal or professional use, designed to connect you to your customers, friends and even your family. We work with a range of age and industry professionals and are passionate about removing the stigma of age around social media.

Common phrases we hear:

  • All my social media is on me…
  • I don’t understand how social media can help…
  • I’m not sure if I should hire a social media manager…
  • Why my views are low?
  • What do I write for the caption?
  • How much money should I be spending?
  • Should I be running ads?
  • Instagram takes too much time…
  • But I don’t have anything to post…

August Curriculum

August 1 | 6-8PM
Class 1: Instagram App & Your Profile
August 8 | 6-8PM
Class 2: Posting on Your Grid
August 15 | 6-8PM
Class 3: Instagram Stories
August 17 | 9-12PM
Class 4: Capturing Content
August 22 | 6-8PM
Class 5: Styling Stories & Tone of Voice
August 24 | 9-12PM
Class 6: Reels Part One
August 29 | 6-8PM
Class 7: Reels Part Two & Wrap Up
1 x 60-Minute online content strategy consult
Upcoming Public School Intakes
  • August 1 – August 29 2024 (7 classes, 5 weeks)
  • September 26 – October 17 2024 (7 classes, 4 weeks)
  • March 2025 – coming soon
  • May 2025 – coming soon
How it Works

Course Breakdown

Your teacher, Miss Charlotte, provides a unique learning opportunity to dive deep into the world of Instagram and content creation. Over the course of seven group classes or five private classes, students will cover multiple subjects, with many hands-on activities receiving personalised feedback.

After each class, students will receive slides for their reference and recommended homework tasks. By the end of Instagram School, all students will have the skills and confidence to elevate their Instagram presence.

Public Instagram School intakes include seven in-person classes held on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings at Studio on Hampton. Each intake accommodates a maximum of 4 students, ensuring an intimate learning environment.

Private Instagram School consists of five 2.5-hour classes Monday-Friday.

Miss Charlotte

Meet Your Teacher

Miss Charlotte, the owner and photographer at Studio on Hampton, is the creative force behind Instagram School. With a passion for social media and a keen eye for content creation, Charlotte brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Her friendly, engaging and responsive teaching style ensures her students feel supported and inspired throughout the course.

Soon to be Mrs. in December, not only does Miss Charlotte have an eye for photography and graphic design. She proves her expertise in social media execution through her personal TikTok account engaging 47,000 followers and dozens of viral videos. Multiple TikToks have made international news and blog articles, with her most popular TikTok hitting 25.6 million views, while her top Instagram Reel has reached 14 million views.

Personal TikTokBusiness Instagram
Group or Personal

Private or Public School?

Whether you choose to enrol in our Private or Public School, both options come with a range of benefits designed to enhance your learning experience.

You will receive a printed Instagram booklet, online support from Miss Charlotte, personalised advice and guidance, and a supportive environment to help you succeed.

For those opting for Public School enrolment, there are additional perks, including a goodie bag on arrival, an Instagram group chat with your class, and the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and a bonus one private 60-Minute online content strategy consult with Miss Charlotte.

School Fees

The Investment

Public School

Public Instagram School intake fee: $1,500 + GST
Hold your spot by paying a $100 deposit directly online.

Private School

Private Instagram School: $1,750 + GST
Contact our booking team.

The Demographic:

A Case Study

Check out Courtney, Accredited Personal Stylist from Monday Project Co. Courtney attended our social media classes as has grown her account from 1,000 followers in August 2023 to 70,000 in June 2024.

Watch her go from 1,000 followers to 10,000 followers to 70,000 less than one year! Don’t hesitate to message Courtney as a reference.

Monday Project Co
Time Poor?

Other Learning Opportunities

Check out our regular workshops for more learning options or book a single 1:1 consult with Miss Charlotte.

  • 1:1 Social Media Consulting (60-minutes)
  • How to Make Instagram Reels Workshop (90-minutes)
  • Maximise Your iPhone for Content (2.5-hours)
  • Insta Chats (monthly group meet-up)
  • Instagram Bio Critique (45-minutes)
More Workshops

September 2024 Intake

Sept 26 | 6-8PM
Class 1: Instagram App & Your Profile
Sept 28 | 9-12PM
Class 2: Posting on Your Grid
Oct 3 | 6-8PM
Class 3: Instagram Stories
Oct 5 | 9-12PM
Class 4: Capturing Content
Oct 10 | 6-8PM
Class 5: Styling Stories & Tone of Voice
Oct 12 | 9-12PM
Class 6: Reels Part One
Oct 17 | 6-8PM
Class 7: Reels Part Two & Wrap Up
1 x 60-Minute Content Planning Online Consult