1:1 Social Media Consulting

1:1 Social Media Consulting are 60-minute sessions with our social media expert, to receive personalised guidance and support focusing on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

What Do You Get from Booking 1:1 With A Social Media Expert?

Common Phrases We Hear
  • All my social media is on me…
  • I don’t understand how social media can help…
  • I’m not sure if I should hire a social media manager…
  • Why my views are low?
  • What do I write for the caption?
  • How much money should I be spending?
  • Should I be running ads?
  • Instagram takes too much time…
  • But I don’t have anything to post…
Social Media Therapy

Booking a 1:1 social media consult with Charlotte, our social media expert, can feel like social media therapy. We know the whole umbrella of marketing can feel like a burden, especially with Reels and trends adding pressure to post consistently.

Charlotte runs a mini short course called Instagram School, in addition to managing the studio, photography, and content creation. During your one-hour session with her, you will walk away with an action plan covering:

– Tailored advice based on your goals, audience, and what you’re trying to achieve.
– Creative brainstorming on content ideas related specifically to your page.
– Discussion of content types that people will love, share, and engage with.
– Tips on sprucing up your social media profile to create clear messaging from first impressions.
– Guidance on interacting with your followers in a genuine way that builds a loyal community.
– Decoding of all the data and insights so you can see what’s working and what’s not.
– Brainstorming of ideas for social media campaigns.
– Discussion of equipment that could work for you and enhance your setup.

Booking a session is like having a coffee date with a friend who knows a ton about social media. So bring your questions and roadblocks, and let Charlotte help you through.

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Instagram and TikTok Addict

What's Our Experience?

We’re filling the gap between iPhone content and a full creative production. With Instagram Reels being in demand, we now offer an hourly rate of general content creation outside of our creative studio, which includes both photo and video. Book an experienced photographer, without the cost of the camera equipment or retouching fees.


Dedicated to one person only
ONE hour of content creation on location $200 + GST
TWO hours of content creation on location $300 + GST
Excludes travel fee outside of Bayside approximately $50

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