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Before you book your photoshoot with Studio on Hampton, it’s good to know the difference between e-commerce photography and lifestyle photography. These are two distinct styles of photography used in the world of e-commerce and digital marketing to showcase products and brands. Each style serves a different purpose, conveys a different message and also may needs different equipment.

E-commerce Photography:

  • E-commerce photography focuses on showcasing products in a clear, detailed way.
  • It is primarily used for online product listings, where the goal is to provide potential customers with an accurate representation of the product.
  • Typically, e-commerce photos feature the product against a plain, often white background, to eliminate distractions and make the product the sole focal point.
  • The lighting is even and consistent, which means the camera is usually set up on a tripod, rather than free hand

Lifestyle Photography:

  • Creates a mood, a story, or a lifestyle around a product or brand.
  • It often features models, props, and settings to showcase how a product can be used or integrated into a particular lifestyle or scenario.
  • These images are often used in social media campaigns to convey a brand’s identity, values, and the experience it offers to its customers.
  • Lifestyle photography is often more creative, artistic, and open to interpretation compared to e-commerce photography.

In summary, e-commerce photography is simple, plain, focused on the product, and aims to provide potential customers with a clear, objective view of the item with little distraction. Lifestyle photography, on the other hand, is about creating a narrative and an emotional connection, often using models, props, and settings to depict how the product fits into a particular lifestyle or story.